Sleepy Sophie P.

from by Chayce Halley



My little Sophie P. how do you be
Just a sleepin' the whole day long?
I'm up out of my bed and you're in your head
Just a dreamin' the day away

My little Sophie P. how can you be
Just a dreamin' the day away?
I've been up since the dawn yet you slumber on
Must be some kind of feast in your dreams

My little Sophie P. how can't you see
Our star's come around to play?
Well there's more, yes of course
And some lovely to see
But none dear as what lights the day

Well, the wood floors are cold
You best stay where it's warm
Until the sun beats a path to take
But there's dreams in the day
So many more than where you lay
And they're made when we come awake


from Bloom House, released September 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Chayce Halley Tampa, Florida

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